(1) Tiles are packed in styreform boxes (carton boxes) and are further packed into wooden crate.  Polythene wrapper is made to cover the entire material inside the wooden crate.   Wooden Crate is fixed and tightened by iron strips.

  (2) Slabs are well packed in wooden bundles with polished face to face.     

  (A) 300x300x10MM: 10 pcs/carton;36 cartons/crate (32.40M2/crate);22crates/20 feet container(712.80M2/ 20 feet container)

    (B) 12x12x3/8":   10 pcs/ carton ; 36 cartons/crate 

    (C) 12x12x1/2":     8 pcs/ carton ; 36 cartons/ crate

    (D) 400x400x13MM: 5 pcs/ carton ; 20 cartons/ crate  (16M2/ crate) ;36 crates/ 20 feet  container  (576M2/ 20 feet container)

    (E) 300x600x13MM: 152pcs/crate (27.36M2/ crate); 21 crates/20 feet container (574.56M2/20 feet container)

    (F) 300x600x15MM: 132pcs/crate (23.76M2/ crate); 21 crates/20 feet container (498.96M2/20   feet container)

    (G) 600x600x20MM: 50pcs/crate(18M2/crate);21crates/20 feet container (378M2/20feet container)